About joydemy

The business

joydemy is an online education company that provides courses on topics that bring people joy. Or, as the Cat in the Hat says,

It is fun to have fun
But you have to know how.

The name "joydemy" is a portmanteau of "joy" and "academy." It's pronounced JOY-dah-mee.

The founder

headshot of Jeremy Snyder

My name is Jeremy Snyder, and I founded joydemy in 2020, with the support of my wife, Elana. We live in the Albany, NY area.

Prior to founding joydemy, I worked in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency for 25 years, driven by my concern about climate change. I worked as an engineer, project manager, and program director for several companies and academic research centers. You can read more about my professional background on LinkedIn.

Throughout this time, I pursued my interests in multimedia communication in my free time. I enjoy the process of communicating and educating through writing, video, graphics, and the web, and spent years developing my skills. I maintained a small company, called Science in a Nutshell Productions, as a side business and produced award-winning videos through that.

Through joydemy, I'm pursuing what I love to do: digging deeply into subjects that interest me, synthesizing those topics to be able to explain them to others clearly and concisely, using interactive multimedia to communicate about it, and eating good food.

Thanks for coming along on this journey! Please feel free to contact me.


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